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You're Life Counts! and it is my objective to help you reach your health and fitness goals in order that you may enjoy a better quality of life. I have been a Master Personal Trainer for over 30 years, before trainers were popular, through those years I was able to accumulate a wealth of knowledge which only benefits my clients. I train using a variety of modalities such as functional training, strength training, aerobic conditioning, aqua aerobics, flexibility and strength, sports performance and much more. I have also trained individuals from every back round, from baby boomers and seniors to youth and athletes which sets me apart from many trainers. I hold a 5-star facebook rating. I also know what it is to be unhealthy so I can truly identify with your situation. Doctors, business professionals, celebrities, seniors and kids trust me with their most valuable asset, so should you.

16 months ago I started on a journey to change my life and get healthy. I was 60 lbs overweight and had high blood pressure . After changing my eating habits I started exercising at Next Level with Joseph Brooks and Myra Perez. I lost 65 lbs, no more high blood pressure, and I am proud of my new strong body. Thank you Joseph and Myra for your passion and compassion to get me where I am and I am excited for you to take me to the Next Level!
— Susan Jaime
I have only been training at Next Level for a few weeks but I love it! I love the atmosphere and I love my trainer. I feel like even though there are other folks training your still in your own world No judgement, no pressure, everyone is just there to work hard and get fit!
— Anna De La Fuente

"Joseph was the first Instructor that I worked with and it was his caring and encouragement that stimulated me to become a daily participant."          Robert Sinclair

"I rate Joseph Brooks a 5*****        Linda Kay Bowman

"We have been going to Joseph for years. He is able to assess quickly what your level is, and work you up the fitness ladder safely and efficiently. He trains anyone and everyone, from elite athletes to octogenarians; from housewives to weekend warriors. He is always professional and right there with you, devoting his full attention and effort to his clients; all the while making it fun with his cheerful presence and optimism. Great for all but I especially recommend him to you if you are a beginner or hesitant about working with a trainer. Go with Joseph and he will make you forget your misgivings very quickly. You will love him,as we do; highly recommended. - Gordy Hall  M.D