libido loco! Over 50

I am fast approaching 50 years old, as i do, i have to realize that  not only do i have myself to worry about, but more importantly, my wife and satisfying her physical needs! I was told by a physician that as men age, it wasn't a matter if they would become impotent, but when, I beg to differ and set out to find out how to help  low libido in men and women as we get older.

 What i discovered may surprise you, I found out that diet and exercise have a lot to do with a healthy libido, I discovered that lifting heavy for shorter reps along with a high protein and low carb diet increased my testosterone levels, with my levels increased i began to increase vascularity throughout my body, leading to strong blood flow, which translates into satisfaction for my wife and I.

The opposite of strong blood flow, is constricted blood flow, when your veins inflame, it causes slower blood flow throughout your body,which can lead to low libido and ultimately, impotence, so what causes the veins to inflame, "Sugar" It is your libidos adversary, so lay off "sugar"and up your protein and green veggies to keep your intimate life on point! because if your libido is low,it may not be to sweet. Contact us to order your "Sugar" down plan


Soda did what!?!

I was speaking to a lady this week and we were discussing something that she had seen. Someone placed a bolt in a soda can and the steel bolt dissolved after 3 days. I had heard about these experiments before however it really hit home. I began to wonder, if a soda can destroy a metal bolt, what can it do to the soft tissue in our bodies. I told the lady that the irony of this whole experiment is that they call it a soft drink when in reality it's very hard on our bodies.


I hate to be a party pooper, I love soda just as much as the next guy however it's bad for us.  Artificial and real sweeteners are destructive to our bodies and mind. I say mind because if you truly observe someone who consumes soda, or you may notice it in yourself, there is a mood change whether good or bad (mostly bad). The good high is momentary but the lows last a while. It is the effect of the sugar in your bloodstream. Sugar constricts consistant  bloodflow to the brain making us lethargic and lazy sometimes even leading to depression and sadness.


I hate to rain on your parade but ask yourself, "Is my health and well being worth something that is consistently trying to kill me?". Only you can answer that. I encourage you to cut out your sugar intake or use sound judgement. If you are addicted, use in moderation until you can break away. Be sure to check out our website for online and personal training. To Detox your body try my Sugar lovers diet.

Are you a sugar addict?

Hey Sugar! Is that what someone says to you because you look like a sugar cane from the consumption of so much of that sweet stuff. Well all kidding aside, sugar is our enemy, actually public enemy number one. Why do I hate sugar so much? Well that's just it, I don't! I love cookies, candy, and doughnuts followed by the "jet fuel" known by most as soda.


I love sugar and it almost killed me. Sounds dramatic but it's true. It gave me a condition called pancreatitis and it literally almost killed me. You haven't lived until you find yourself with your head in a county emergency room toilet throwing up. It was caused by excess sugar, a piece of rich coconut cake to be exact. Before that I had always had 20/20 vision until one day my vision began to blur. I went to the doctor and she said that sugar was crystallizing behind my optic nerve and if I didn't quit I would wake up one day and I would  be blind, it scared me for a while and I backed off but then began my bad habits again. I craved the other white stuff (sugar) and that's when I knew I was an addict.


I developed a program that I give my clients that helps them rid their body of sugar.  I've never been spoken to so rudely than when people are doing my program. You see you can't moderately detox from sugar you have to hit it hard and fast. It's because your body has to detox and the withdrawals, as with any other addict, makes individuals irritable and angry. I can take abuse from my clients  because I know at the end of my 6 week program they are going to look and feel amazing!


Sugar to our bodies is like poison is to a rat. It looks appealing at first but the end is a skull and bones. Don't take my word for it! Here are some facts that will make you realize sugar ain't so sweet.


1.) Sugar increases your risk of cancer- There is major evidence that sugar, due to its negative effects on metabolism, many scientists believe that having elevated insulin levels(caused by sugar consumption) can contribute to cancer and feed the sales allowing them to grow rapidly.


2.) Sugar is a leading contributor to obesity in both children and adults (due to the effects of sugar on the brain and your hormones it increases your risk of obesity.


3.) Sugar is bad for your teeth-Never attractive when you have to "Gum" your spouse


4.) Sugar is bad for your liver


5.) Sugar is bad for the libido "Guys"- It obstructs bloodflow to male organs.


6.) Sugar! Not fat!- Raises your cholesterol and gives you heart disease. (My mother died from heart disease from all the sugar she consumed. She also had diabetes, glaucoma and malignant melanoma).

If you are interested in trying my program send me a message and I send you the details! Let me help you break your habit!

Optimal Living (Body, Mind and Spirit) About Me

 Hello, my name is Joseph Brooks, I would like to tell you a bit about why i have decided to write this Blog. I believe that Optimal living is a choice that we all make. I lost my motherto heart disease when i was 18 years old and my dad to cancer when i was 11 years old.  I dedicated myself as a personal trainer to help one individual at a time live to their maximum potential, physically,mentally and spiritually.

   What is Optimal living? The word optimal is defined in biology as the most favorable condition for growth and reproduction. I like that definition because it allows us to play some role in how are lives end up, I grew up in an environment that was a gang and drug infested breeding ground but although gunshots were constant outside. My mother and father created conditions for me in the midst of chaos that were safe and nurturing therefore i was able to grow in every area of my life.

   It wasn't always great, after losing my parents,  i suffered with depression,anger,low self-esteem and a myriad of other issues. I went back to something that i had discovered as a freshman in high school, it was what i knew made me feel great, exercise, specifically strength training, it made me feel strong,confident and less aggressive. It allowed me to live an optimal life and i wanted to share that feeling with everyone that i knew, so i began personal training 22 years ago and i've seen it all, the gadgets the gimmicks the fads, but one thing remained constant, the way that living healthy makes you feel, it makes you feel great! perhaps not while you are doing it, but when you see and feel the results, its great to know that you have created a favorable condition in which you can grow .

    The link to solidifying that growth is God, he has had a profound effect on my success and although I have been lied on, ridiculed, insulted. I have been able to go and grow because of my faith.
throughout this blog i want to encourage you to realize that no matter what you are going through, or have been through, you are capeable of rising above your circumstances. I was also severely bullied as a kid, at school and by family members, it hurt but only made me stronger, physically and emotionally, i realized that If someone is bullying you, its because they wish they were you, because no matter how bad you think your life is, its better than theirs.

   I want all of us to live optimal lives but we must make the choice, I would like to coach you through life, not only in fitness but in all areas, because to live an optimal life you must be able to believe that you have a life worth living. look forward to sharing with you.

-Optimal Training By Brooks