Are you a sugar addict?

Hey Sugar! Is that what someone says to you because you look like a sugar cane from the consumption of so much of that sweet stuff. Well all kidding aside, sugar is our enemy, actually public enemy number one. Why do I hate sugar so much? Well that's just it, I don't! I love cookies, candy, and doughnuts followed by the "jet fuel" known by most as soda.


I love sugar and it almost killed me. Sounds dramatic but it's true. It gave me a condition called pancreatitis and it literally almost killed me. You haven't lived until you find yourself with your head in a county emergency room toilet throwing up. It was caused by excess sugar, a piece of rich coconut cake to be exact. Before that I had always had 20/20 vision until one day my vision began to blur. I went to the doctor and she said that sugar was crystallizing behind my optic nerve and if I didn't quit I would wake up one day and I would  be blind, it scared me for a while and I backed off but then began my bad habits again. I craved the other white stuff (sugar) and that's when I knew I was an addict.


I developed a program that I give my clients that helps them rid their body of sugar.  I've never been spoken to so rudely than when people are doing my program. You see you can't moderately detox from sugar you have to hit it hard and fast. It's because your body has to detox and the withdrawals, as with any other addict, makes individuals irritable and angry. I can take abuse from my clients  because I know at the end of my 6 week program they are going to look and feel amazing!


Sugar to our bodies is like poison is to a rat. It looks appealing at first but the end is a skull and bones. Don't take my word for it! Here are some facts that will make you realize sugar ain't so sweet.


1.) Sugar increases your risk of cancer- There is major evidence that sugar, due to its negative effects on metabolism, many scientists believe that having elevated insulin levels(caused by sugar consumption) can contribute to cancer and feed the sales allowing them to grow rapidly.


2.) Sugar is a leading contributor to obesity in both children and adults (due to the effects of sugar on the brain and your hormones it increases your risk of obesity.


3.) Sugar is bad for your teeth-Never attractive when you have to "Gum" your spouse


4.) Sugar is bad for your liver


5.) Sugar is bad for the libido "Guys"- It obstructs bloodflow to male organs.


6.) Sugar! Not fat!- Raises your cholesterol and gives you heart disease. (My mother died from heart disease from all the sugar she consumed. She also had diabetes, glaucoma and malignant melanoma).

If you are interested in trying my program send me a message and I send you the details! Let me help you break your habit!