Soda did what!?!

I was speaking to a lady this week and we were discussing something that she had seen. Someone placed a bolt in a soda can and the steel bolt dissolved after 3 days. I had heard about these experiments before however it really hit home. I began to wonder, if a soda can destroy a metal bolt, what can it do to the soft tissue in our bodies. I told the lady that the irony of this whole experiment is that they call it a soft drink when in reality it's very hard on our bodies.


I hate to be a party pooper, I love soda just as much as the next guy however it's bad for us.  Artificial and real sweeteners are destructive to our bodies and mind. I say mind because if you truly observe someone who consumes soda, or you may notice it in yourself, there is a mood change whether good or bad (mostly bad). The good high is momentary but the lows last a while. It is the effect of the sugar in your bloodstream. Sugar constricts consistant  bloodflow to the brain making us lethargic and lazy sometimes even leading to depression and sadness.


I hate to rain on your parade but ask yourself, "Is my health and well being worth something that is consistently trying to kill me?". Only you can answer that. I encourage you to cut out your sugar intake or use sound judgement. If you are addicted, use in moderation until you can break away. Be sure to check out our website for online and personal training. To Detox your body try my Sugar lovers diet.