libido loco! Over 50

I am fast approaching 50 years old, as i do, i have to realize that  not only do i have myself to worry about, but more importantly, my wife and satisfying her physical needs! I was told by a physician that as men age, it wasn't a matter if they would become impotent, but when, I beg to differ and set out to find out how to help  low libido in men and women as we get older.

 What i discovered may surprise you, I found out that diet and exercise have a lot to do with a healthy libido, I discovered that lifting heavy for shorter reps along with a high protein and low carb diet increased my testosterone levels, with my levels increased i began to increase vascularity throughout my body, leading to strong blood flow, which translates into satisfaction for my wife and I.

The opposite of strong blood flow, is constricted blood flow, when your veins inflame, it causes slower blood flow throughout your body,which can lead to low libido and ultimately, impotence, so what causes the veins to inflame, "Sugar" It is your libidos adversary, so lay off "sugar"and up your protein and green veggies to keep your intimate life on point! because if your libido is low,it may not be to sweet. Contact us to order your "Sugar" down plan