Class Schedule



                               Monday                                               Wednesday                                                Friday                         

                           5:00 am                                     5:00 am                                          5:00 am

                           Fitboxing                                    Fitboxing                                        Fitboxing                 


  Our 40-minute early morning classes will give you the jump start that you need for the rest of your day! It is a great addition to your current fitness program.

The FitBoxing program was created by celebrity trainer and fitness expert Joseph Brooks and combines fun boxing moves combined with low impact aerobic exercises set to upbeat music to get and keep your heart rate up, so that you can burn a ton of fat and calories!  this class is for all fitness levels.


                                                    Unlimited Classes are Only! $99.  per month

                                                      Twice A week                 Only! $80. per month



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